Sportslick 108gm Tube - Skin Protector


Sportslick is a revolutionary development in skin protection for everyday athletes.  It prevents blisters & chafing, along with soothing & protecting irritated skin.

It has been proven to provide the longest lasting waterproof lubrication.  Sportslick stays where you put it!  It won't come off until you wash it off with soap and water.

This easy to apply gel combines Silicone, Polymers and Petrolatum for extremely long lasting waterproof lubrication. The formula then blends the soothing Aloe, antioxidant Vitamins E and C and natural plant extracts to heal and rejuvenate your skin.  It also contains the leading antifungal ingredient to prevent skin problems before they start and a leading antibacterial agent to prevent microbial infections.  It is the only skin lubricant with all of these ingredients and FDA proven effectiveness.

Sportslick can be applied directly to the skin wherever the risk of blisters or friction irritation ... feet, thighs, underarms, neck, chest and bottoms. It helps prevent harm (such as rawness caused by skin rubbing against skin, heart monitors, sports bras, clothing etc) and provides unsurpassed protection.

Sportslick can be applied directly to your bike chamois, your skin and/or your crotch. It provides a smooth comfortable ride for your "seat" and the antifungal keeps the "itchies" away. Rawness, rashes and saddle sores become a thing of the past.

Due to the moisture-blocking properties of Sportslick if you apply a liberal coating to your feet before you put on your socks and trail running shoes, this will not only prevent blisters but also the problems from "wet foot"

Why is Sportslick so effective?

In order for a lubricant to provide long lasting protection, a silicone must be added.  Sunscreens or make-up that claim to be waterproof or sweatproof generally always contain Dimethicone, as this is the key ingredient which binds to skin.  Without this ingredient, the longevity of a product is severely diminished.  A lubricant should also contain other ingredients that are beneficial to the skin, it should feel good on the skin and it should be thoroughly tested and approved for its intended purpose/use.  It should be easy to apply, be stable in hot or cold weather, waterpoof and safe to use on clothing or sporting equipment.