Jetboil FLASH Personal Cooking System - 1L

Heat, eat and drink from this ultra-compact 1L unit. Ideal for coffee  or tea on the go, soup, dehydrated meals and backpacking light.

With all components (including fuel) packed comfortably within the cooking cup, the entire PCS is smaller than a Nalgene bottle ... and at just 400g, the Jetboil FLASH PCS rivals the very lightest titanium cooksets and micro-canister stoves.   

Jetboil PCS (the original Jetboil) has sparked a revolution in outdoor cooking. Boiling two cups of water in just two minutes at 75-80% efficiency, the PCS is twice as fast and uses half as much fuel as conventional stoves.

The PCS boils up to 50 cups (12 L) of water from only one Jetpower isobutane/propane micro-canister. Such outstanding performance results from the patent-pending FluxRing™ heat exchanger, which captures and focuses the burner’s heat.

The PCS integrates a 1 L insulated hard-anodized aluminum cooking cup, high-performance burner base with built-in piezoelectric igniter, drink-through plastic lid and protective bottom cover that doubles as a measuring cup.

Please note:  jetpower fuel micro-canister is not included