STS Ultra Seam Sil

SeamSil is specially formulated to seal seams or make repairs on tents/shelters, tarps, bags and other outdoor gear made with silicone and polyurethane coated fabrics.

When applied properly, SeamSil provides a watertight seal.  SeamSil may also be used to repair holes or tears in fabrics.

Use tip applicator or brush to apply:

  • To prepare areas or seam to be sealed, clean with soap and water or isopropyl alcohol and allow to dry
  • Hold surface to be sealed taut and apply a thin layer of SeamSil onto threads and seams
  • Allow 3-6hrs for SeamSil to dry and cure
  • Test for dryness before using or folding ... SeamSil may remain sticky after drying.  Apply a light layer of talcum powder to reduce stickiness